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Have you messed around with Arduino microcontrollers? If not, and you have a small project that requires automated control, you may find Arduino a suitable solution - just as I have. Read about here.

According to Ricky (TPB), we got Raykens


We have a Common Eastern Canadian Rayken. Read more about it here. Updated 20150117.

Ethanol Sucks... it really does.


Please take a moment to read about my ethanol experiences by clicking here.

LastPass... password keeper.


How do you manage all your passwords and secret information. Learn about how I do by clicking here.

Halloween Blinky-eyes Kit


A neat little soldering kit. Read more about it here.



Do you need custom printed circuit boards fast?! Check out this article for more information.

C'mon, are you kidding me...


I know... you can't find anything on this web site easily. Yeah, it's beginning to bother me too. Here's the clue. There are a few places to look. First, check out Past Articles, and second, info ∀. There's a third spot too. It's the Pictures web page. Some of the pictures have some information that goes along with them. Give them a click.

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