My call sign is AJ0ML

Sick Kitty


My cat, Chase, has been sick. We discovered why - quite by accident. Read about that here and learn about her recovery.



Back in February I first posted about microcontrollers - the Arduino, in fact. I have been messing around with them quite a bit since then. If you are interested, you can read more about that crud here.

End of Time


Are you have issues with the end of time? There is a solution you can read about here.

Free Range Yard Critters 2016


I think our free-range yard squirrels took a fancy to one of our Bluebird houses. But you be the judge. Take a look at this.

It happens...


Sometimes crap happens. Read more about some crap here.

Put Yo Finga On This


Can you identify this little 16 x 2 Liquid Crystal Display? It's a LSS7L8011B, but I don't have the datasheet. I just can't find it anywheres! Here's some whine to accompany that delithous cheese.

Solid State Drive


Get new life out of your favorite desktop or laptop computers by replacing the spinning disk hard drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). I did... I like it a lot. Read more about my experience here.

According to Ricky (TPB), we got Raykens


We have a Common Eastern Canadian Rayken. Read more about it here. Updated 20150117.

Ethanol Sucks... it really does.


Please take a moment to read about my ethanol experiences by clicking here.

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Past Articles

If you're interested in reading some of the older crud presented here please follow this link.