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Ethanol Sucks... it really does.


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LastPass... password keeper.


How do you manage all your passwords and secret information. Learn about how I do by clicking here.

Halloween Blinky-eyes Kit


A neat little soldering kit. Read more about it here. If you want one I sell them for $20.00.



Have you ever heard of ExpressPCB, I mean besides in the title of this post anyway? If you haven't and you enjoy messing around with electronics and making your own printed circuit boards you should check out this company. It is fantastic. Let me tell you about it.

There I was, standing in my Garage-Mahal. I had just completed rebuilding two small 2-cycle engines and working on two other 4-cycle engines, when I thought to myself, "Self, I need to build some little blinky-light things for my son." So, I took a picture of a prototype from a few years back and tweeted it. This wasn't arbitrary, he had called and asked for nine of them. A couple minutes later I tweeted "I finished the engines, now I need to make some of these."

Moments later a twitterer, tweeted "Have you tried ExpressPCB?" I knew about it but had forgotten, so I thought to myself, based on her advice, "Give it try." I am glad a did because the service was great!

ExpressPCB is truly that - Express. After I designed an submitted the circuit card layout it was in my mail box a few days later. Click here to go to their web site. Their software is free. Once you download and install it, you get started by drawing the schematic. Give all the parts names like D1, R1, R2, U1, et cetera. Save the file, then start the PCB layout. Insert the same parts and names from the schematic and it will help you connect them together. Truly cool. Once you are done and the software will give you a price and you order it through their software too. I think you will like it. It's just like Tranya... you will like it as much as I. Aaaa, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa.

Here's a picture of something I am working on now as shown in their schematic and layout software ExpressPCB gives you.


Many thanks go to my twitter acquaintance who is now a friend...

C'mon, are you kidding me...


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