My call sign is AJ0ML

White, silver, white, or white


What color paint should you use on your older car's tailight reflectors? Read what I discovered here.

MacBook Pro Failure


My MacBook Pro 17"' failed and the fix was surprising. read about that experience here.



A Baofeng image file for Hampton, VA amateur radio operators with a BF-F8HP can be found here... and a bit more too.

Look What it Did to My Shirt!


Clothes dryers are not supposed to get this hot. Appliance failures gone right! Read more here.

Free Range Yard Critters 2017


Early start to this year's yard critters. Take a look at this.

2017 Ford Fusion Energi


You have to be gravely allergic to inertia! Read more here.

Missed it by "That much!"


Utiltech Timer does not live up to documentation. Read more here.

Fix Your HP LJ 2840


Everyone has one of these, right? But if you do, and it is printing only in yellow, you can fix it easily. Read more about it here.

Local Weather


I've set up a little weather station - KVAHAMPT56. Read about it here.

2013 Ford conFusion


My 2013 Ford Fusion had a case of the clanks. Here is what I did to fix this annoying issue.

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Past Articles

If you're interested in reading some of the older crud presented here please follow this link.