I have been watching TWiT TV's Security Now for a while. Before Leo Laporte and TWiT moved to the TWiT Brick House their sets used microphone stands with isolation mounts for the microphones. I thought they were cool. Not wanting to spend the cash to buy one here's what I did.

I built a custom one to suite my needs. First, I purchased a cheap lamp from a local dollar store. I took the lamp part off. Then, I fabricated a holder to hold my ICom 7000's mic initially; knowing I would build a better end product. Well, last weekend I purchased three, 36" pieces of 1/8 inch steel rods at my local hardware store. I bent some into circles around paint and varnish cans and tweaked others this way and that. Next, I heated four pieces up with a torch and bent "U" shapes in their ends. Others I bent their centers just slightly. On the slightly bent ones I cut little notches in their ends to hold rubber bands. Finally, I welded the large ring and four slightly bent pieces together - each piece spaced 90 degrees from the next. On the small ring I welded on the shorter rods with "U" shaped ends - also 90 degrees apart. The small ring also has four "L" shaped rods that mount to the collar that holds the mic. The collar was made from sheet metal. To get it the shape and size I needed I heated it until it was red with a torch. Then I bent it around a 1/2 inch drive 12-point socket. I had drilled a hole into a piece of wood to hold the socket in place during the bending process. To ensure everything worked out I hooked them together with file-folder rubber bands as a test. Problem!

The file folder rubber bands would not stay in the little slots so I bent little fixtures for them from brass paperclips. With the paperclips and rubber bands removed the entire thing was painted then reassembled and mounted on the lamp stand.

The mic is nothing more than a cardboard tube with black felt attached. Inside the tube and about 1 inch from the open end exists a mic I bought at a junk store for $3.00. The mic is a studio quality predecessor to the Audio-Technica AT831. The tube was slid over a piece of PVC plumbing pipe that fit the collar and the inside of the cardboard tube. The end result was a nice looking, functional vibration dampened mic stand that costs me about $20.00. Piofect!