Ok. I promise not to drone on about this. I know, right?

I wanted to share this with you because I was impressed. You might be too, but perhaps not.

Take a look at the picture. Yes, that's a nickel. The nickel isn't the interesting part even though it was an unpleasant year. I want to point out the two SMD parts sitting on the face of the coin. Yes, there are two there. The larger one (to the left) is the WHITE SMD LED. We'll talk more about this in a minute. The smaller one is a BLUE SMD LED. I put a BLUE SMD LED there too just to show how small electronic parts are getting these days. The BLUE one is the same size as the year numbers on the coin. In fact, the BLUE SMD LED is sitting right at the bottom of the "1" in "1974." Really small, huh? It is because of the miniaturization of devices like these that is allowing the advancement of more sophisticated and capable electronics we use everyday - like cellular phones.

Now, let's get back on point. The WHITE SMD LED is larger, but it needs to be too. It generates a little bit of heat when it is on. Not too much; it is small after all. Now to turn them on for a couple pictures. To the work bench!

I'm back. Now, that wasn't too long was it? Take a look at the pictures below. The first is of the WHITE LED and the second, of course, is the BLUE LED. Isn't that something? Both LEDs were at their maximum EFWD. While I was down stairs I had a bit of disappointment too. When I went to turn off the WHITE SMD LED I touched it, as you might guess. It was hot enough to make me flinch. The device went sailing and a 15 minute search turned up nothing but garage dust. Argh!

Picture   Picture

BTW: Those are 22AWG wires touching the devices.

Here's some particulars on each of these SMD LEDs.

(2700mcd, 6400-7600°K, 135°)
828-OVTL01LGAWS 2.3, 3.4 optimum350
(30mcd 468nm, 130°)
2047945 3.420
Viewing Angle.

After lunch I went back to the garagemahal to search, once again, for the WHITE SMD LED I was foolish enough to touch immediately after it was emitting light. This time, I took my UV flashlight. I found the LED in under ten seconds. Its top fluoresces. You do have a UV flashlight, don't you?