I think we are getting an early start to the free-range yard critters updates for 2017. The other day I was mowing the grass and noticed a tuff of fur come out from under the mower. Luckly, no critters were hurt, but I had just run over what, I soon found out to be, a free-range yard bunny nest. Oddly, it was in the middle of the yard and not where you might think a rabbit would keep her offspring.

Picture Picture

There are five bunnies in the nest. When I first discovered it, it was about the size of a softball. The day before the bunnies left it was about twice that size. The picture on the left was taken a couple days before they vacated the nest.

Update: 20170518

I was coming out of the Garage-Mahal on Saturday and noticed a free-range yard rayken (raccoon) down by the woods. He or she did not see me, so I quietly went back into the garage and exited through a side door and snuck up on the critter from another direction.


I do not think we have seen this one before because it looked much smaller than previous rayken visitors. This one was eating seeds on the ground that had fallen from a bird feeder we have down there. We will probably see this one again.

Update: 20171110

I am not sure what happened this year with all our usual yard critters. We did not have any free-range yard deer or snakes. And we only saw the rayken on that one occassion. Unusual indeed.